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Industries and applications for Armor-Tex®, the fiber that is pound-for-pound 10 times stronger than steel.



ImageRecent terrorist attacks around the world have increased the need for personal and vehicular protection for police, armed forces and high-level officials. Armor-Tex® fiber materials for armor are some of the most technologically advanced available and the need for them is greater than ever.

Cut Protection

ImageCut protection is a crucial part of workplace safety for those in the food-handling, automotive assembly, sheet metal and glass industries. High-performance Armor-Tex® fiber provides state-of-the-art cut protection, without sacrificing dexterity or comfort.

Fishing Line

ImageWith remarkable strength and very little elasticity, premium fishing lines made from Armor-Tex® fiber helps anglers feel everything at the end of their line. Outstanding handling characteristics, along with excellent chemical and UV resistance, have made Armor-Tex® fiber-based fishing lines popular for both commercial and recreational applications.

Rope and Cordage

ImageStrength, flexibility and toughness are of primary importance in rope and cordage materials, whether they are used for heavy marine and offshore applications or yachting, boating or recreational climbing. Rope and cordage products made from Armor-Tex® fiber provide exceptional performance - even under the most challenging circumstances.

Specialty Applications

ImageArmor-Tex® fiber is used in specialized sewing thread, tethers used in aeronautics and high-tech sailcloth composites for America’s Cup sailboats. It is a rip-stop reinforcement for luggage fabric, as well as a yarn used in parachute cords, kite strings, dental floss, mammoth commercial fishing nets and dozens of other applications where the fiber's great strength, light weight and endurance are critical.

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